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Ben was not drawing in many new clients, and current clients were leaving. One of Ben’s original brand values, personal freedom, was being claimed by competitors with big bundles and the most advanced phones. At the same time, the brand was becoming stale as it only communicated on price. What unique added value could the next-generation Ben provide, in order te become relevant and contemporary again?

Ben jezelf #Bordjeprik #Ananas #Telefooncondoom #Bengestoord
Ben jezelf #Bordjeprik #Ananas #Telefooncondoom #Bengestoord
Ben jezelf #Bordjeprik #Ananas #Telefooncondoom #Bengestoord
Ben jezelf #Bordjeprik #Ananas #Telefooncondoom #Bengestoord


Science, Magic and Delivery are the sources of our performance. We create a different mix for every brand and assignment. The mix for this project:


With a renewed, confident brand essence, Ben distinguishes itself from the ‘more, more, more’ telecom madness. Going against the stream and providing some tongue-in-cheek perspective, Ben draws attention to the fact that not everyone wants to have the newest iPhone and the biggest calling plans. And that you might just miss out on the most beautiful and important moments if you only pay attention to your phone – at the table, in bed and in traffic. Ben is not a poor man’s budget option, but a confident choice for today’s users. Be(n) yourself.


The strikingly mindful mentality campaign ran counter to the growing telecom madness, and created a disproportionate amount of brand recognition, brand sympathy and structural growth. More and more people want to become – and remain – Ben clients.

Brand recognition, likeability and stand-out
Base growth, no. of new clients
Increase in consideration and preference
Media ROI, sales growth