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Aviation is responsible for 2-3% of worldwide man-made CO2 emissions. More and more travellers are taking sustainability considerations into account when buying a plane ticket. For many years, KLM has been a trailblazer in the field of sustainability, but as an airline it does not easily get recognition for its endeavors. How can we let KLM claim the leadership role on sustainability without it being disqualified as greenwashing?

Fly more responsibly
Fly more responsibly
Fly more responsibly
Fly more responsibly


Science, Magic and Delivery are the sources of our performance. We create a different mix for every brand and assignment. The mix for this project:


We developed Fly Responsibly, through which KLM calls on all stakeholders – including consumers! – to join them in taking responsibility, working together to make aviation more sustainable. An initiative in which KLM communicates fully transparently, shows how it is working to become more sustainable, and invites competitors to make use (free of charge!) of its know-how in this field. And of the tools it has developed to this end, like KLM’s CO2ZERO tool, which makes it easy for air travellers to compensate the CO2 footprint of their journey.


Fly Responsibly has positioned KLM worldwide as the leader in aviation sustainability. Many articles were written on this courageous step, which helped the campaign reach millions more people. New articles are still being written discussing the initiative, almost all of which are positive. KLM was even invited by the United Nations to speak at the Climate Change Summit about Fly Responsibly and how to make the aviation industry more sustainable.

Brand position in the Down Jones Sustainability Index
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