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A Christmas gift for Covid times
A Christmas gift for Covid times
A Christmas gift for Covid times
A Christmas gift for Covid times


During the coronavirus pandemic, the retail sector has seen a shift in consumers’ purchasing behaviour. Many consumers go for one-stop shopping: buying as many things as possible in a single location. Which is usually the supermarket – and as a result, they often don’t visit Kruidvat anymore.

Thanks to the popular promotional campaigns, consumers already know that Kruidvat is the place to be for great value for money. But how can the brand also become top-of-mind in an emotional way and generate more shop visits during this holiday season, which is so crucial for retailers?


The best special offers alone won’t be enough for Kruidvat in Covid times. Especially around the traditionally festive month of December. That’s why we enriched the well-known rational Kruidvat messaging (aimed at the short term) with the long-lasting effects of an emotional message that fits the sentiment of these times. This lets us build on previous campaigns like “Kruidvat is still Kruidvat” and “#nopeakthischristmas”.

Traditionally, Christmas is a time of giving. Gift-giving in particular, of course, but this year everyone feels that the care we give each other is most important. That’s why we wanted to tell an emotive story that goes well with the Christmas spirit as well as Kruidvat’s purpose: making beauty, health and feeling good accessible for all – especially in the age of coronavirus.

The result is a true Christmas commercial in which a little girl with a grand idea gives her neighbour (or is it Santa Claus?) a healthy Christmas. The heart-warming story shows that sometimes, all you need to do that is just a small, kind gesture.


The campaign is still running. The initial response is very positive: reactions on social media are very encouraging and the Kruidvat shop staff themselves are extremely proud of the film.