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McDonald’s wants to grow by appealing to a younger target group (age 16-30) and by improving how it anticipates clients’ needs. But how do you connect to a target group that is more and more difficult to reach through mass media? And how do you learn more about customers and their preferences if you have barely any data?

Always open for good times
Always open for good times
Always open for good times
Always open for good times


Science, Magic and Delivery are the sources of our performance. We create a different mix for every brand and assignment. The mix for this project:


We developed a data-based growth strategy that allowed McDonald’s to get to know its customers better and to reach them more effectively, now and in the future. At the heart of these efforts was the mobile app, which consumers could use to receive discounts, play games and watch fun content. This improved McDonald’s insights into its guests’ preferences and generated more restaurant visits.


The strategy led to an enormous increase in restaurant visits, sales and the number of active users, who could now also be reached one-on-one through owned channels, with personalised content.

Average spend for app users
Value of additional sales through the app (in # of restaurants)
Target group reach (age 16-30)