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Royal Peijnenburg has always been a ‘local jewel’ in the Dutch market for breakfast products. Its hero product is gingerbread, produced in several varieties. Gingerbread is considered an ‘extra treat’, so it’s consumed irregularly. Also, as an ‘A’ brand, Peijnenburg felt the heavy competition from private labels. In spite of all this, the brand had not communicated its hero product for years, resulting in lost market share, awareness, consideration and preference. So we are asked to put the brand on top again. With a bang.

Happen makes you Happie
Happen makes you Happie
Happen makes you Happie
Happen makes you Happie


We brought back the ‘slice on a string’ visual device that is part of the brand heritage. And we claimed that ‘Happen makes you Happie’: Peijnenburg gives you so much positive energy that you drift off to your ‘happy place’, the place of your dreams.

To make this claim impactful we used famous Dutch singer Frans Bauer. And we showed his dream was to make it big in the USA. So after taking a bite, he imagines performing his biggest Dutch hit record in (broken) English: “Have you a moment for me – Make some time for me free”.

We kicked off the campaign with a big PR stunt. On social media we leaked snippets of his song in English, an album cover and Frans on his way to a recording studio. On national TV, in RTL Boulevard, we then revealed it was all about the new Peijnenburg campaign.


The campaign just started recently, but was received very well. The PR stunt was a huge success. We invested 18.000 Euro. The PR-revenue was 780.000 Euro!

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