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The Helping Plate
The Helping Plate
The Helping Plate
The Helping Plate


It is HAK’s mission to help everyone eat more vegetables. Which is quite a challenge, because the Dutch structurally don’t eat enough veggies. And this already starts with the young: only a handful of children consume the recommended daily amount. But the ages between 4-8 are crucial, as this is when eating habits are formed.


The Helping Plate: an intelligent plate that helps children to eat more vegetables – without even knowing it. Designed based on scientific insights from Wageningen University & Research. The design incorporates different principles that nudge children in the right direction.

We translated HAK’s brand mission into a physical product that every parent can start using at home at the kitchen table. The plate is sold at de Bijenkorf, and the campaign ran through PR, social media and influencers.


The initial results are overwhelming: in addition to the extensive coverage by the domestic and international press, the first stock of plates sold out within three days.