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Vattenfall has laid down an bold brand ambition: ‘Fossil fee within one generation’. A lofty goal, but how do you make this abstract ambition tangible and emotive? And how do you make it clear that while this ambition is challenging, it is still feasible?

The Fossil Free Crib
The Fossil Free Crib
The Fossil Free Crib
The Fossil Free Crib


It goes without saying that we ran a brand-migration campaign from Nuon to Vattenfall. And of course we made campaigns explaining what fossil free means, what Vattenfall is doing to achieve this within one generation, and what you can do to help.

But what we added into the mix is that we went and did it ourselves! Together with the team at Vattenfall, we created a crib for the next generation, which was realised without using any oil, gas or coal. The first fossil free crib. Even the steel it contains was manufactured fossil free. We recorded the creative process in a documentary. And finally, DDB itself has (of course) also switched to sustainable electricity.


The crib was presented at an event focusing on the theme of ‘collaboration’, and it was put on display at the Huishoudbeurs (‘Housekeeping Fair’). The introduction of the crib generated a lot of publicity, domestically and abroad, reaching millions of people and creating a wealth of PR value (and we’re not done yet). It’s a great boost to the consideration and preference for the Vattenfall brand. And it’s a talking piece that challenges people to think and speak up about the fossil free production of energy and products. Which is exactly what Vattenfall wanted.