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The world after the coronavirus crisis

The new normal

All over the world, business, politics and social life have been turned upside down by the coronavirus. In the Netherlands we are in the middle of an ‘intelligent lockdown’ to prevent the virus from spreading faster than the medics can handle –but sooner or later, all measures that were taken will come to an end.

DDB Unlimited does not have a crystal ball that can can help us predict what will happen after people will get back to the standard daily routine, but it is safe to say life after the Corona crisis will never be like before. Not only will a significant number of business not survive because of its impact, we can also expect consumer behaviour to change.

How dramatically will ‘the new normal’ differ from ‘the old normal’? Only the future can tell, but in this deck we present you in staccato – based on a wide range of international and a few local sources –a number of consequences we expect to see as a result of the crisis.

Even though the crisis will leave us with more uncertainties than ever before and our thoughts on the world after the crisis may not all come true, we hope this deck will inspire you to make thoroughly considered decisions for your brand and business strategy for the new normal.

We wish you wisdom and luck (we will all need it) in making plans for the future. It goes without saying that we are there to support you: from communications strategy to data analytics, from internal communications to media modelling and much more, our experts are at your service.

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Download the deck here (pdf)

Written by DDB Unlimited